Powering the Next-Gen of AML Technology with AI

Download our whitepaper to understand:

    • The challenges arising from incremental adjustments to existing systems and current alerts management processes
    • The criticality of smart alert management to augment efficiency and effectiveness in AML processes
    • The framework to operationalize an AI-driven transaction monitoring solution into existing financial crime prevention ecosystems
    • Use cases to validate the productivity gains and returns FIs have garnered when the solution was deployed in production
    • The example of a Tier-1 bank that saved over US$1 million through enhanced productivity in the alert management process


Digitalisation across the financial services industry, whilst transforming for customers and companies, has created a landscape of opportunity for fraudsters and money launderers through its increased technical complexities. Elaborate criminal webs operating across geographies, multiple accounts and identities seek to exploit the vulnerabilities of a new age of digital financial services, are now the focus of Tookitaki’s AMLS Smart Alert Management solution. This report details the importance of how smart alert management for banks and other financial institutions, complements and enhances existing rules-driven systems, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of alert management.