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I Will Fight Money Laundering

I hereby affirm that money laundering is a heinous crime, and to be condemned. I understand the crime’s wider impact on humanity as well as the global economy, with its proven link to other crimes such as corruption, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and terrorism financing. Hence, I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, the following covenant:

I, as a person and professional, will not commit acts of money laundering, willfully support other crimes linked to it, and encourage the people I deal with to commit such acts.

I will respect and be bound by the anti-money laundering laws of my nation and, in my capacity, prevent and dissuade others against such crimes.

I will uphold all the local and international efforts against money laundering by various organizations, and extend my support to them in all possible ways.

I will be empathetic towards those human beings who suffer from the crimes linked to money laundering, and whole-heartedly work for their freedom and justice in my personal capacity.