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Fight Money Laundering

Join Tookitaki in our campaign to raise awareness on money laundering and the heinous crimes enabled by it. We need your help.


We are proud to join the fight against money laundering. We will provide information to educate and rally people around this important cause that impacts us all.

Liberties and lives of vulnerable people are being lost, right in our own backyard. When money can be easily laundered, these travesties continue. It’s time to put a stop to it.

Money Laundering Venn Diagram

If we stop money laundering, we can stop these heinous crimes. A whopping US $2 trillion is laundered globally every year. We can put a stop to this. With your help.

Current Data:

Here are some shocking figures about the criminal acts tied to money laundering.


Human Trafficking - Lucrative Trade

Following Money: Illegal Trafficking

Money Laundering: Truly Monstrous Contributors to Crime of Human Trafficking Commercializing Body Parts
Drug Trafficking: Deadly Recreate on the Rise Illegal Mining: Dying for Metal and Stones Arms Trafficking: Weapons in a Matter of Clicks

Other Efforts:

While there are other organizations strengthening the fight against money laundering and the crimes it supports – it is important that we all do our part.

Fight Against Human Trafficking Preventing Drug Trafficking Battle Against Illegal Mining Curtailing Illegal Trade of Arms It's Not Yet Done. Problems Remain in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Battle


This information will be availble for download and sharing after you sign the oath. Please help by showing your network that you are doing your part to help combat these heinous crimes.

Our Commitment and Dedication Is Unwavering.

We provide statistics and information designed to educate and inform. The first step is awareness. The next step is action.

At Tookitaki, It’s More Than Business, It’s About Human Lives.
Tookitaki offers resources, information and a strong commitment to helping eradicate money laundering and the crimes it enables. Our work on this endeavor is driven by a responsibility to help make our global community safer for all.

Please sign the oath and pledge your important support to this cause. Your oath honors all human lives. It demonstrates that evil won’t win.

Sign today. Your global community needs you. It’s time to take action.